My Journey

ID-10039256I have been asked the same questions over and over again during my one to one sessions. I also had a few trainees who came up to me personally and want me to share with them the WHYS. Not forgetting those whom I met when I attended events too.

Q. Were you unhappy with your boss or your work?
Q What makes you want to start a business of your own?
Q. Is it easy to run a business?

Let me share my story.

I felt so grateful and blessed to have had to report to wonderful bosses. Bosses who trusted me enough to leave me alone to carry out the responsibilities even when they were not around. I was mostly left alone to do the tasks without any guidance. I was given room to explore and to make mistakes; to learn from the mistakes I made and to be accountable for it.

It would be lying to say that I had never met a bad boss. Those experiences somehow remain a small part in my life.

My working years were like a playground; the best playground that I ever had. Like any playground, there were times when you feel so exhilarated, going down the slides, climbing up the trees trying to pluck some fruits. But there were times that you fell down, hurt yourself and bleed. With time, the abrasions will heal and leave a scar but what I got out of it is, I LEARN – what can be done, and what to avoid.

So why do I go into business?
Despite the good treatment and happy environment, there was a yearning inside me which I had kept all these years. I wanted to be my own boss. I had seen good examples from my bosses, and I too wanted to be one.

I started reading ferociously from books (which was mostly borrowed from the library) and blogs. I grab the opportunity to take up new skills which surprised even me.
I was asking myself, what type of business that I should be in. In my quest to start a business, I had explored some business ideas and model.

Something unexpected spurred me to register my company, followed by the purchase of the domain name.
After exploring other business models, I finally know what I wanted to do and fall in love with it instantly. My business gave me the opportunity to β€˜play’ in social networking sites; impart my knowledge and experience and helping other small business to grow their business using social media.

How do I know what business I should be in?
Was it easy running the business?

I will carry on my journey in my next post .

Do keep a look out for my next post and I hope to see you soon πŸ™‚

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