Social Media Minibytes : Before you Do That, Do this!




Image credit: Free Digital Photo

You were so excited that you had successfully set up  your Facebook  fan page. You had been posting so many times and yet you did not get any respond such as likes, comment or shares.  Could it be that you were posting ‘blind’?

Today, we are going to share one  important point that we believe can help you to overcome  your challenge. You need to know who are your target audience.

  • Who are your customers ?
  • What is their age and gender?
  • What is their income range?
  • Are your customers local or  overseas?
  • What are their pains?

Sit down and  think of the points mention above. Write it down so that you have a clearer  view of your target audience. By now you will be able to draft  and create postings  that will resonate with your audience.

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