Legitimize Your Brand

Social Media Tip For Small Business

One way social media marketing helps with customer acquisition is by establishing a brand as legitimate. In the Internet age, when ever consumers discover a business or retailer they want to use but know little about, they often check their social media page to learn more about it.

Some small businesses may have static websites that change little(if at all), after being initially set up by their web designer. Social media pages, on the other hand, should be constantly updated with new posts, comments, etc.

A website establishes that a brand exists.
A social media page establishes that the brand is active.

Do note that poor social media marketing can also de-legitimize a brand.

If a new customer goes to a business’s social media page and finds that a post hasn’t been made in a few months, that customer may assume the business is no longer around.. If customers are asking for help in the comments and they’re being ignored, they may assume the company has poor customer service.

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