Facebook And Me : The “Like” Relationship


Does this sound familiar to you?

Urrrg!! Facebook keep changing again!  What do I do now?

What do I post on Facebook?

How do I build relationship on Facebook?

Should I be selling all the time?

I heard that tagging can help me to get exposure?

I have started my business and heard that  I can use Facebook to promote my business, but I do not the “how-to”?

Relax.  You are NOT alone. We have heard this often enough.

And ….we may have the solution for you. Yes, you!

What if by attending our talk, you will have a better understanding and more clarity in managing your Facebook account?

Here is what we have in mind.

We will help you to understand

  • What is profile and why it is still important today.
  • How to project a professional image (as a business owner or new business owner)
  • How to create content that matters
  • Where to find content
  • What is a fan page and what it is use for

This talk  is not for everyone out there.  So, who is this for?

This is suitable for :

  1. New business owners who wants to have a better understanding of Facebook and how to create a professional image from the start.
  2. You already have a business and are still not sure that you are doing it right

This is NOT for :

  • Very savvy Facebook users who know your way well around Facebook.
  • Experienced Social Media managers / Facebook managers. You may get bored with what we going to share in this talk. 🙂

Where and When:

Saturday, 28 Nov 2015,  9.30 am to 12.30 pm

At  8 Burn Road Trivex Building #13-04
Take CCL exit A at Taiseng mrt.
Walk along Irving Road.

Your investment :

1 pax  @ $33

2 pax @ $60

3 pax and above @ $25 per pax

How to make payment:

For enquiry

Contact  Nora @ 98506064 or via  HelloRazzqee

Profile of Speaker social media training

Nora Kamsani has been a Business Development Manager for Razzqee Services since 2010, overseeing sales and business development for the growth and expansion of the company. The core business of the company is providing Internet marketing solutions to individuals, SME’s and corporate entities.

A self-motivated person by nature, she is a strong believer of lifelong learning, Nora keeps herself current and abreast of developments by consistently attending talks and workshops by Enterprise Development Centre (EDC@SMCCI),   Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) and by other organisation relevant to the industry.

She was engaged by EDC@SMCCI, training the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Micro Business participants in IT Communications and Social Media. Her  exposure to training at AMP has actually sparked her interest to pursue continuous learning in accredited training program to extend a holistic and current application. She is also active in training individuals privately and is planning to hold more of such classes in the near future.

What other’s are saying

Alhamdulillah, few years ago I attended a micro biz programme and one of the topics covered was IT communication. This course was conducted by Ms Nora Kamsani. A very friendly and patient trainer who has vast IT knowledge. Ms Nora is very efficient and helpful.

Though in our group there were students who came with various level of IT knowledge, she managed to control the situation quite well. Being creative not leaving those who were quite advanced feeling bored while waiting for those who had zero knowledge. She was enthusiastic in sharing lots of info’s with regards to setting up a fan page and related real life situation and experience of other F&B owners, which was very beneficial for us.

I would highly recommend others to join Ms Nora’s programme.



Because of her expertise in the area of Social Media, EDC@SMCCI contracted Ms Nora Kamsani of Razzqee Services to conduct on the use of Facebook for promoting participants’ home-based businesses.

Micro Business Programme(MBP) participants were divided into groups based on their IT skill levels – ranging from beginner to advance level.  She taught 48 participants in 5 different classes over a 5-day period. She was able to project professionalism in both her content and delivery.

She was able to meet the expectations of the participants and also showed confidence in delivering the content and in engaging with the participants. She adjusted the pace of her delivery to suit the abilities of her student. She also added more value to her training by not only covering on the technicalities of the subject but also including soft skills, such as dos and don’ts of Facebook usage.

She is also a great team player. In the same class, other than Facebook, EDC@SMCCI also taught Microsoft Office to the participants. Although she was not obliged to, she willingly assisted the instructor in hand-holding the participants in the use of this software during class exercises. Her soft and warm approach has made the training sessions a success and significantly increased the value of the training. We greatly recommend Ms Nora Kamsani in providing training on the use of Facebook.

Zakaria Abdul Gapor

Centre Director EDC@SMCCI

Nora Kamsani is a wonderful IT consultant from Razzqee. She took time to explain about making our business website and how to optimize our FB account for business social networking. She explained well the rules and regulations regards to social networks for business.

Nora has impressed me with her knowledge of her services and ability to match these to our needs certainly made a… big difference. I would recommend Razzqee Services to other business partners and friends.

Thank you, Nora Kamsani.



~  limited seats ~

* Seats will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment

** Venue, timing subject to change at organizer’s discretion.